We Thought We Had Better Introduce Ourselves!







We are a family founded & operated business and most of the time we all work very well together, so here's all the members of our team. We are a very dynamic and varied bunch and as we are a growing company, we will obviously be adding to the list, if we can just get them to stand still long enough for us to get a picture!

Peter Dunston,
"Head Honcho"

Peter is the managing director of our company. He was instrumental in the founding of the Canvas Art Studio. His passion for art & photography set a solid foundation. He is a renowned graphic artist & interior designer. His day to day tasks includes taking care of our corporate clients, all image editing & our website. He is also known to be quite grumpy on occasions, but Leonna can usually handle him!

Leonna Dunston,
"Top Banana"

Leonna is Peter's wife. and a director of the company. She is also a keen artist. She is a qualified master framer & is also keen Photoshop affectionado .She takes care of our framing and photographic printing section of the business. She can also be a bit tricky to work with, but a new handbag or pair of boots from Peter can usually get round this!

Brent Hayes,
Studio Manager

Brent has a background in retail sales & customer service. He is the newest member of our team & is eagerly training in all aspects of the business. He is very punctual, much to the annoyance of others!

Katrina Cooper,
Sales Manager

Katrina is in charge of new accounts, sales & corporate business. She has been with us for a couple of years & is very self motivated & can be very moody first thing in the morning before her first coffee.